About Us

Can’t Be Explained

Must Be Experienced

Join us for a Sunday service, you will leave convinced that God is in this place!
Faith Christian Center was started in 2001 in a living room- with nine people and a whole lot of faith. Faith has pretty much shaped our identity from the start. We have grown over the past 9 years into a thriving church full of passionate people that want to see their communities and their lives change for the glory of God. Without giving all of the details of our testimony and history (which would take up a book in it of itself), Faith Christian Center has had one sole vision since our beginning. Our desire is that God would be made much of in the world, through Biblically sound preaching, heartfelt worship, and a zealous passion to see the kingdom of God advanced in all the earth through outreach and evangelism.

As we move forward in our journey together-we invite you to come help us fill up the pages of our history with the amazing stories of what God has done here. Faith moves mountains.