Pastor Chris Kirkendall
Was born in Silsbee, Texas. At the age of 12 years he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. At the age of thirteen he received the call to preach at a summer camp. The call was validated through mission trips to Mexico as a youth that led both teen and adults to the Lord Jesus Christ.

On October 16, 1996 Pastor had an encounter with God that would change his life forever. In a Wednesday night service, the glory of God overcame Pastor Chris in what would be a 2.5 hour encounter that would refresh and empower him. Raised in a single mother home with four other siblings, Pastor Chris had many hurts and disappointments in life. This one encounter with Jesus Christ erased this past and established what he would do in his future.

He believes there is nothing to big that God can’t fix, change, or make right. His sincere preaching of the gospel will challenge you to live a life sold out to Jesus, and will challenge you to live the Word of God, and to always believe that God is able.

He loves to spend time with his family, which includes his wife, Jeri and their three beautiful children: Justin, Rebekah, and Benjamin.