Here at Faith Christian Center, we feel that it is extremely important to know what you believe:

The Lord Jesus Christ

We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God. We believe in His substitutionary death for all men, His resurrection , and His eventual return to judge the world.


We believe all men are born with sinful nature and that the work of the Cross was to redeem man from the power of sin. We believe that this salvation is available to all that will receive it. Man is a free will being that freely and willfully comes into fellowship with God. To deny Jesus and the work of the Cross is to deny salvation.

The Holy Spirit

We believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity and in His interaction with man. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit as manifested by the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit.

The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

We believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity and in His interaction with man. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit as manifested by the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit.

Spiritual Gifts

We believe that all spiritual gifts as outlined in scripture are still in effect today and remain so until the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ when His saints are risen in glorified bodies to dwell with Him forever.

The Scriptures

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: II Timothy 3:16.

The Church

We are a fellowship of believers who have accepted the redemption work of Jesus Christ as the once for all sacrifice for sins. We believe in the need for a local assembly of believers for the purpose of evangelism and edification of the body of Christ.

Prayer & Praise

We believe in the worship of the Lord through singing, clapping, and the lifting of hands. We believe in the authority of the believer to ask freely of the Lord for his needs.

Body Ministry

We believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit to the Church body through the anointing of oil by the elders of the church.


We believe that evangelism is the obligation of every follower of Jesus Christ. The Lord commands us to go out and make disciples of all the Earth. We believe that each person is first responsible to evangelism in their own family as the Holy Spirit leads them and gives them the ability. We strongly believe in supporting missions work abroad as being vital to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Water Baptism

We believe in the ordinance of water baptism by immersion in obedience to the Word of God. All those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior should be baptized in water as a public profession of their faith in Christ and to experience what the Bible calls the “circumcision of the spirit.”


We believe that the only legitimate marriage is the joining of one man and one woman. We believe that God has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged in, outside of marriage between one man and one woman. We believe that men and woman are spiritually equal in position before God.

The Priesthood of the Believer

We believe that every believer has a unique relationship to the Lord. As His children, every Christian has immediate access to the throne of Grace and the ability to manifest the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in ministry.


We acknowledge the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Jesus and as a testimony of our communion (common-union) with Him in His body, the church. We consider it a holy ordinance, but we do not accept the teaching that communion is for the purpose of remitting sins, which scripture testifies is based solely in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross (Hebrews 9:25-28).

The Trinity

God exists in three persons-the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. All three are alive and at work today. This God of three persons is the one and only true God.


We believe that God is the author and creator of all life. God created everything out of nothing. The church teaches that the Genesis account of creation should be taken literally.

Heaven and Hell

The church believes in a real heaven and a real hell. God will judge every person, but there will be a different judgment for those who have accepted Christ as Savior then for those who have rejected him. The heaven that awaits the faithful Christian is wonderful. It is not God’s will for any person to go to hell. But those who willfully turn from his Son as their source of salvation will go to hell.

Our Commitment to Israel

We believe in the promise of Genesis 12:3 regarding the Jewish people and the nation of Israel. We believe that this is an eternal covenant between God and the seed of Abraham to which God is faithful.