Faith Christian Center Youth (FCCY) is a ministry of Faith Christian Center that is dedicated to seeing teens, 6th-12th grade; experience the love of Jesus Christ.

We believe that a relationship with Christ is more than a youth group, more than summer camps; but it a powerful, real, life-change that can impact a person(s) world and destiny.

At FCCY, we’ve got four main goals:

1. Help teens to develop and maintain a relationship with Jesus as their Savior. Religion without a relationship? No way.
2. Help teens establish a regular Bible study and prayer routine in their everyday lives. Read the Good Book to figure out how to live!
3. Help teens through life: the good, the bad, and the ugly. To help hurting teens see their future and give them hope for a future designed by God.
4. Help teens become active members of Faith Christian Center.

Along with our four main goals, we’ve got another one that you should know about:

We think that no teen should go through life without having belonged to a youth group- so we invite you, your friends, and your friend’s friends to come and join us every Sunday at 9:15/10:30 and Wednesday at 7:00.

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